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Bruno Andresoiu

Bruno Andresoiu

Architect, Founder, iglooarchitecture.ro, igloo.ro

Bruno Andresoiu is an architect since 1996 as well as architecture editor starting with 2001. Married, father of four kids and dog owner, he is now running the architecture office “iglooarchitecture” and the publishing house “igloomedia”.

Member of “Architects Association from Romania” since 2001, he has signed, as project leader, most of the architecture and interior design projects developed by “iglooarchitecture” (www.iglooarchitecture.ro).


Co-founder and president of editorial board at “igloomedia”, he coordinates and supervises most of the editorial projects: “igloo.habitat si arhitectura” magazine, “igloopatrimoniu”, igloobest, iglooprofil, igloopocket colections (www.igloo.ro)